Jun 05, 2023

Our CEO Shares the IBMG Vision

Martin Stables, our CEO, has shared his vision for the future of Independent Builders Merchant Group, with a focussed target market and countless opportunities to make a difference, whilst not losing the independent ethos that each of our brand names carry.

When we acquire a business, we acquire it because it’s usually a very good business to start with”

Having grown from the initial acquisition of Parkers Group back in 2018, we now have over 173 branches that fall under the IBMG name, where each one has been acquired because ‘it’s usually a very good business to start with’.

Knowing that each brand holds its own values within the community it operates in, we feel it is important that we maintain the brand that is known locally to the customers and surrounding area. The focus is on the RMI (Repair, Maintenance and Improvement) trade customers, where IBMG look to increase the product offerings and efficiency improvements under the brand name’s that the customers’ already trust, in order to serve our customers better with more of what they want and need locally.

“…we would love to continue securing acquisitions of good businesses who are looking for an exit”

The ambitious plans of growth are supported by the plan for more acquisitions as the year goes on, with a view of opening 18 to 20 branches each year for the next five years. Stables has outlined that “the perfect owner is somebody who has pride in their brand; has done something special in their local community; doesn’t compete with our existing network; doesn’t really want to find funding; doesn’t have a clear successor; wants to access the wealth they’ve built in the last 25 years and sees us as a really strong custodian”.

“There isn’t a day in my life that this business is not for sale”

With ambitious plans comes the need for financial support, where the vision needs to be articulated properly so that the right investor will be secured and help IBMG achieve and exceed the target of £1.2bn in sales by 2027.

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