All our stakeholders are hugely important to us. We’re doing everything we can to support and improve the lives of those around us and the environment we share. From enabling shared delivery across multiple network fleets to spreading stock across several locations — we’re doing all we can to not only reduce fuel bills, but help those suffering from the cost of living crisis, too.

We’re well aware there’s more to be done. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our environmental social governance commitments, not only just how we run our business, but for the customers we serve too.

Things are always changing and we’re always looking for things to improve. So, we’ll update you with new ESG commitments as and when they happen. In the meantime, here are the things we’re currently doing to improve the lives of those we work with and the environment we share.

Our commitments

IBMG is committed to each of our employees, to the communities where our people work and live, and to the environment we all share.

Along with our commitment to operate responsibly, our Environmental Social Governance (ESG) plan plays a huge part in our goal to become the best local merchant to work for and do business with, delivering the best returns for those involved.

How our people, operations and environment are changing...

Our people

We are committed to acting ethically, with integrity and transparency. From our competitive benefits packages and ethical practices to making sure our values and culture are consistent across the business, our business dealings and relationships are done in a way that benefits our people. We work towards being an employer of choice.

Our colleagues get the support and training they need to grow as people and professionals. And those who contribute to our vision of being the best merchant in the industry are rewarded, regularly. As well as this, we also offer support through Employee Assistance Programs and have fully trained Mental Health First Aiders on hand to support our people when they need it most.

We have a responsibility towards the communities in which we operate, and truly believe every single person can make a difference. Therefore, we actively support and encourage employees in their efforts through fundraising and volunteering.

Our operations

Health & Safety is paramount, and we only settle for the highest standards. This commitment applies to each employee and everyone affected by our work, including our customers, suppliers and local communities.

A strong HSE culture is the result of active HSE management systems, visible leadership and engaged employees. We measure this through our Colleague Engagement survey every year.

To ensure our high standards are met 24/7, we empower our colleagues enabling them to notify us immediately if something isn’t up to standard. And if it isn’t, we’ll act on this right away.

Our environment

We’re always looking to improve our environmental performance and do the right thing for the planet. This is why we work only with accredited suppliers who operate with a similar commitment to environmental sustainability.