The IBMG Group of builders merchants is committed to achieving the highest standards of Health Safety and Environment (HSE). This commitment applies to all of our employees, any other persons affected by our activities, including temporary workers, contractors, customers, suppliers, visitors, surrounding neighbours and environment.

We believe that a strong HSE culture, is the result of active HSE management systems, visible leadership, and engaged employees. We also encourage our suppliers to operate in a similar way.

We will:

  • Make Safety a high priority, and stop any activity/ process which puts any employee, or others at significant risk of injury.
  • Meet, or exceed the local regulatory requirements, and comply with all HSE standards recognised within our business.
  • Identify training, and provide information to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.
  • Take every practical opportunity to improve our Environmental performance by: the reduction of waste, and recycling where practically possible. Energy consumption will be measured, and opportunities for reduction identified.
  • Where HSE good practices and lessons learned are identified, we will adopt these as appropriate across the Group. 
  • Reduce all HSE incidents, with the goal of achieving zero harm.
  • All Managers will lead by example at all times.
  • All Employees will take responsibility for their own Health and Safety and for those around them.
  • Annually we will establish HSE objectives, and maintain appropriate plans designed to sustain and improve upon our HSE management and performance.
  • HSE projects and initiatives shall receive at least equal priority with other operational projects, and be included as appropriate, in business strategic planning and annual budgeting process.
  • All regions of the IBMG Group will fully take this Policy into consideration when issuing their local HSE arrangement documents.

This policy applies to: all areas, divisions and regions, and will be reviewed on a regular basis and communicated to our employees, visitors, contractors, suppliers and others who may be affected by our activities.