IBMG is the largest Independent builders merchants in the South of England. We take pride in having a workplace which celebrates diversity, and our aim is that our people will be truly representative of all sections of society and rewarded fairly based on their skills, ability, and the requirements of their role.

National statistics show that generally men are paid more than women. Companies with more than 250 employees have been asked by the Government to publish any pay difference experienced by men and women (it’s referred to as the ‘pay gap’). How that pay gap is calculated is set out by the Government who want every business to measure pay from 5 April 2017 (and at the same date every year after). Our results can be found on:

Grant & Stone website

Parker Building Supplies website

RGB Building Supplies website

Making positive starts with change ourselves, and in order to affect that change, we are committed to achieving gender pay balance through a long term strategy. At IBMG, we have appointed a member of the Leadership Team to be responsible for our pay and bonus gaps respectively, conducting a study into how we can further reduce these.