Nov 13, 2023

A Spotlight on CRS Building Supplies

Having opened its first branch in Cheddar, Somerset, in 2005, CRS fast became the leading builders’ merchant in Somerset. With an impressive growth plan to open a new store each year, they consistently grew and in January 2023 saw their 13th store opened in Minehead, giving them a favourable coverage of the entire region.


Being located in quite a rural area, CRS pride themselves on being an independent builders’ merchant with an extensive range of delivery vehicles and employing local drivers who know the roads well. This sets them apart from local competitors in the same area, allowing them to efficiently serve more and more customers locally, even in those more challenging areas.


Their main objective is to supply competitively priced but high-quality building materials to both the local tradespeople and public DIY enthusiasts. CRS offer both delivery and collection, giving the customers options to suit them.

Customer relationships are at the heart of everything that CRS do, where they place an emphasis on customer loyalty by building relationships with customers, ultimately gaining their trust and ensuring their repeat business. This is then supported by their use of local suppliers alongside the larger nationwide brands, to really help keep them in touch with their roots.

Focus on

What truly makes CRS unique is their commitment to staff knowledge, employing the people who have and outstanding and extensive knowledge of the industry. Not only this, but their focus on people has meant that many staff members have been ‘raised’ by CRS, with on-hand experience and training on the job to give them the confidence in advising customers with technical information.

Nick Burrough, the Regional Director at CRS (with an impressive 38 years of invaluable experience in the industry) credits the achievements of CRS to his passionate and dedicated team, and said: ‘Our constant aim is to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers. Encouraging our teams to form strong customer relationships, that will give us insight to what can enhance our service continually.’

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